You cannot go wrong with succulent, decadent, moist pork belly with crispy crackling atop! For me it is up there with slow roasted lamb shoulder and crispy skin salmon! 

I want to share with you, my tips for the best pork crackling you'll ever have!

  • Be sure to pick the right cut of pork — I love a rolled shoulder and pork belly. 
  • Shoulder and belly are best with long slow cooking due to the high fat content. 
  • Get your butcher to score the pork fat or alternatively use a a very sharp knife cut into the fat and avoid cutting into the meat. Make parallel slashes about 1cm apart.\
  • It is important the pork skin is nice and dry the day before roasting. You can dry the skin of the pork with kitchen paper. Then rub salt into the skin and into the incisions you or the butcher have made. Leave overnight. 
  • The next day, rub the skin with coconut oil and lemon juice to help conduct the heat of the oven to the skin.
  • Turn the oven to at least 230C and blast the pork with heat for about 30 minutes or until the skin starts to bubble and brown. Then allow the meat to continue cooking slow (at about 120C) until done. Depending on sizes of your meat it will vary, but I do a shoulder for up to 4 hours and a belly for around 2. 

If all that doesn't give you perfect crackling just peel it off after cooking and place it skin side up under the grill. Watch it doesn't burn and remove when the skin has gone all puffy and golden.  

What to serve it with?

I cannot go paste crispy brussels sports oven baked in generous lashing of coconut oil! Simply slice and dice your brussels, generously coat in Nature's Way Coconut Oil and bake in the oven with your pork until they're golden brown and crispy!